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Our widgets and pages have a very positive impact on site SEO. Our tagging infrastructure adds linked keywords and meta description on new and existing pages of your site which enhances SEO way. Our interlinking by way of widgets and tags also boosts site SEO substantially.

We are 100% GDPR compliant. We avoid collecting any PII except for channels where it is essential ( emails for example ). We provide simple APIs to fetch and destroy data as mandated by the GDPR law. You data is safe and secure with us. We never share any data across customers.

All users whether signed up or not can be served using our product. We intelligently identify signed up users coming across different devices. New users with no recorded behavioural history are served as per the geographic and psychoeconomic trends ( guessed using the type and cost of device being used to access your site)

Less than five minutes of your developer’s time is required. If you use any tag manager, no development effort is required from your side. Our engines take anywhere from 3 days to a week post development to analyse your website trends and build your widgets, depending on your website traffic ( more traffic means faster analysis )

All our Javascript runs asynchronously, and hence does not impact the load time of your pages my more than a few milliseconds.

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